Products We Love Giveaway

img_2776-2I’ve teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to share our favorite classroom resources and products. Enter to win my favorite product PLUS a $100 Target gift card!

Have you ever casually strolled through your favorite department store (probably for the fourth time that week) and in your peripheral noticed that “thing” you have to have for your classroom? It most likely has no potential use at the time of purchase, but it’s destined to be yours, whether your wallet or husband/boyfriend agree.

The “thing” moves into your classroom and you love it. But the “thing,” whatever it is, has been moved and repositioned for several weeks, maybe even months, while fulfilling miscellaneous uses, none of which are really all that satisfying. Sometimes the dang thing becomes more of a nuisance because it just doesn’t belong anywhere. You should just put in the teacher workroom and slap a “for free” sign on it, walk off, and let it be the one that got away.

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Computer Center Organization

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.19.40 PMMid year, my campus received laptop carts for each classroom. With the addition of portable computers, anxiety emerged at rapid fire speed. I’ve witnessed what miniature humans can do to a classroom library. So being the methodical neat freak that I am, I settled my nerves with a little bit of good ol’ fashion organization. With some training and consistent feedback, my little people did an outstanding job caring for our precious machines. I only almost had a anxiety attack once when a computer fell off a desk. #pretendingitdidnothappen

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