Color Code Your Thinking – Developing Active and Thoughtful Readers

Four must-have resources that will improve your reading instruction

Critical thinking is an integral component during the learning process, so I wanted to implement a system into my classroom reading routine that would encourage my students to activate their higher-order thinking skills during each of their reading experiences. I also wanted to further improve my students’ comprehension by teaching them how to monitor their reading more efficiently and consistently. I wanted my students to always consider the following:

  • “Does the text make sense?”
  • “I understand what I’m reading because…”

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The Interactive Speech Bubble

Must-have resources that will improve your reading instruction:

What are your must-have reading resources? For me, it was four resources I implemented consistently throughout the year, and this week, I’m going to share each resource and explain why they were must-haves in my classroom.

My Reading focus wall showcased my four must-have reading resources:
1. Interactive Speech Bubble, 2. Color-Code Your Thinking, 3. Reading Comprehension Posters, and 4. R.E.A.D. Strategy Posters.

Today, I’m sharing about my interactive speech bubble! During the past several years, I created a large speech bubble on our reading focus wall with the header: What Does the Text Say? The speech bubble served three different purposes throughout the year.

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Anchor Charts: Powerful Learning Tools

The headers and graphics were prepared before meeting with students. The teachable content was added with student input.

I’m often asked how I create anchor charts and what materials are my favorite. So let’s talk anchor charts! Below, I’ve organized my thoughts and beliefs on using anchor charts in the classroom.  This is my personal philosophy. It’s not the “right way” or the “better way.” It’s just my way.

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Goal Setting: A Management Tool to improve Classroom Routines and Behaviors

ezy watermark_08-01-2019_10-17-36am

You’re an amazing chaos coordinator and I’m confident your management strategies are too legit to quit. But throw in a little student accountability and some incentives into the mix, and ohmygawd! Someone give you a trophy. And not the “congratulations you arrived” kind of trophy. Like a real one. Because managing 20+ miniature humans IS EXACTLY like herding cats.

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5 Ways Hanging Files Will Help You Organize Your Classroom Like A Boss

FACT: Hanging file folders will save your sanity…or at least prolong it for an extra few minutes. There’s probably some kind of research-based evidence that supports this, but I haven’t been able to locate it on Google yet. Nonetheless, below I’ve explained 5 reasons why these folders, even the unloved dark green ones, will keep you sane and help you organize and manage your classroom like a boss.

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Products We Love Giveaway

img_2776-2I’ve teamed up with some fabulous bloggers to share our favorite classroom resources and products. Enter to win my favorite product PLUS a $100 Target gift card!

Have you ever casually strolled through your favorite department store (probably for the fourth time that week) and in your peripheral noticed that “thing” you have to have for your classroom? It most likely has no potential use at the time of purchase, but it’s destined to be yours, whether your wallet or husband/boyfriend agree.

The “thing” moves into your classroom and you love it. But the “thing,” whatever it is, has been moved and repositioned for several weeks, maybe even months, while fulfilling miscellaneous uses, none of which are really all that satisfying. Sometimes the dang thing becomes more of a nuisance because it just doesn’t belong anywhere. You should just put in the teacher workroom and slap a “for free” sign on it, walk off, and let it be the one that got away.

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Computer Center Organization

Screen Shot 2016-07-10 at 4.19.40 PMMid year, my campus received laptop carts for each classroom. With the addition of portable computers, anxiety emerged at rapid fire speed. I’ve witnessed what miniature humans can do to a classroom library. So being the methodical neat freak that I am, I settled my nerves with a little bit of good ol’ fashion organization. With some training and consistent feedback, my little people did an outstanding job caring for our precious machines. I only almost had a anxiety attack once when a computer fell off a desk. #pretendingitdidnothappen

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Website Launch and Giveaway

Blog Launch You know that feeling when you’re late to the party? Hey, that’s me! I’m notoriously late. To everything. I’ve been Instagraming for almost three years and selling on TeachersPayTeachers for about two years, but I couldn’t quite make the commitment to launch a website. I’ve been raising a miniature human while attending graduate school and just didn’t have the time I was too lazy and probably writing a twenty page paper. I just graduated with a master’s degree so I’m trading in my title as teacher/student for a new title as teacher/blogger. #itsabouttime

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