Color Code Your Thinking – Developing Active and Thoughtful Readers

Four must-have resources that will improve your reading instruction

Critical thinking is an integral component during the learning process, so I wanted to implement a system into my classroom reading routine that would encourage my students to activate their higher-order thinking skills during each of their reading experiences. I also wanted to further improve my students’ comprehension by teaching them how to monitor their reading more efficiently and consistently. I wanted my students to always consider the following:

  • “Does the text make sense?”
  • “I understand what I’m reading because…”

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The Interactive Speech Bubble

Must-have resources that will improve your reading instruction:

What are your must-have reading resources? For me, it was four resources I implemented consistently throughout the year, and this week, I’m going to share each resource and explain why they were must-haves in my classroom.

My Reading focus wall showcased my four must-have reading resources:
1. Interactive Speech Bubble, 2. Color-Code Your Thinking, 3. Reading Comprehension Posters, and 4. R.E.A.D. Strategy Posters.

Today, I’m sharing about my interactive speech bubble! During the past several years, I created a large speech bubble on our reading focus wall with the header: What Does the Text Say? The speech bubble served three different purposes throughout the year.

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