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Have you ever casually strolled through your favorite department store (probably for the fourth time that week) and in your peripheral noticed that “thing” you have to have for your classroom? It most likely has no potential use at the time of purchase, but it’s destined to be yours, whether your wallet or husband/boyfriend agree.

The “thing” moves into your classroom and you love it. But the “thing,” whatever it is, has been moved and repositioned for several weeks, maybe even months, while fulfilling miscellaneous uses, none of which are really all that satisfying. Sometimes the dang thing becomes more of a nuisance because it just doesn’t belong anywhere. You should just put in the teacher workroom and slap a “for free” sign on it, walk off, and let it be the one that got away.

But let’s be real, we are hoarders of baskets and bins and all things organization. Besides, it’s beautiful and you probably got in trouble for buying it, so you just have to make it work somehow. Eventually, the never-ending evolution of organization ends. At last, a practical and efficient use for this spectacular “thing” presents itself and you wonder how you ever lived in this classroom without it.


For me, this 3-tier rolling cart met all the qualifications for a classroom-must-have, yet it had no initial purpose at all. I justified the purchase because it was a pretty color and wheels were included. At first, it sat next to my teacher desk hoarding the overflow of junk papers and unnecessary collection of paper clips. It was just in the way and served more as an encouragement NOT to file the papers or trash the paperclips. It was counterproductive and thus a new function was needed. #failnumberone

Then it evolved into the keeper of copies for the following week’s lessons. But I would forget the papers existed and would end up with duplicate copies, so that didn’t work out either. #failnumbertwo

Then, during the summer, my classroom got a complete makeover and with the rearrangement of all my furniture came the moment of clarity. I’ll just put this cart right here next to my small group table. #teacherwin


This 3-tier cart is perfect for organizing any materials you need while resting your tooshy at the small group table. I can probably speak for 99.99% of teachers when I say, “I’ve fallen sat down and I can’t get up.” The cart is nestled perfectly in arms reach of the table, so little to no effort is exerted when retrieving one of the 105 flair pens resting on the top shelf.

Each tier serves its own organizational purpose. The first level stores my planning materials…and superfluous stock of aforementioned flair pens. My team and I meet in my classroom when we collaboratively plan each content area, as well as when we meet for PLC, so I designated a spot for our planning must-haves. I purchased a file holder from the Target dollar hundred-dollar spot and use it to store our most frequently used resources and professional books. I created folders to store PLC documents and past and current lesson plans. My curriculum and planning binder is kept on this shelf as well.



The second tier is used for my guided math materials. Each week, I pull the manipulatives we will need and store them in the basket for quick access. I also have flash cards, task cards, and other skill practice tools to use as warm-ups.


The third tier is used for guided reading materials. I use the same dollar-spot file holder to organize the books or magazines we are reading. The basket stores sight word/word work cards, electronic dictionaries, whisper phones, reading pointers (monster finger toppers I found at Wal-Mart) and any other supplemental aides my kids may need.


For now, my rolling cart will continue to be my small group materials manager…unless it finds a new purpose, like storing all the papers I won’t ever grade!

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