Blog Launch You know that feeling when you’re late to the party? Hey, that’s me! I’m notoriously late. To everything. I’ve been Instagraming for almost three years and selling on TeachersPayTeachers for about two years, but I couldn’t quite make the commitment to launch a website. I’ve been raising a miniature human while attending graduate school and just didn’t have the time I was too lazy and probably writing a twenty page paper. I just graduated with a master’s degree so I’m trading in my title as teacher/student for a new title as teacher/blogger. #itsabouttime

I am VERY excited to launch my website and I am thrilled you are here to see it. I created this website entirely on my own and I’m excited to finally share it with you all today! To celebrate and show my appreciation for the support, encouragement, and friendships I’ve experienced through this growing online educational community, I’m channeling my inner Oprah.


First up, a Target gift card. If I wasn’t a professional knowledge provider, I’d be the SNL Target lady, sans the bowl cut. I actually applied to work for the motherland  when I was in high school but never received an interview or a call back. Whatever. The uniform would clash with my hair anyway.


No hard feelings though. Target is like my homegirl. She always has my back…and my money. Because we can all relate to this…


And this…


So I’m offering a $25 gift card to help fund your next Dollar Spot binge. Click the image or the link to enter!

Target Giveaway
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Next on the list, some TeachersPayTeachers cash!


We all know the feeling. The feeling when you finally find THE resource you need. And it’s aligned to your state’s standards! Score! But then you click on the seller’s link to check out the rest of their store. You’re just going to window shop. You said you’ll just wish list the rest for later, but the lie detector test determined that was a lie. Instead you’re all like, “I need this. And this. And this. And this…”

But then you get to the checkout and you’re all like…


So  I’m offering $25 to spend in my TpT Store to support your next TpT splurge…because you were right. You do need it, whatever it is. Click the image or the link to enter!

TPT GiveawayClick here to enter!

Finally, I’m offering a pack of 14 Flair Pens. Admit it. You are a hoarder because you openly and viciously guard a mass of vibrant felt tip pens. Use by children or anyone else for that matter is strictly forbidden, and that’s ok. My team and I can relate…

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 5.10.02 PM
“If it’s one of these 88 flair pens, you cannot borrow it.” – from Day 2 of #180daysinthelifeofateacher

Click the image or the link to enter!
Flair PensClick here to enter!

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